What these Iranian-Canadians said makes you wonder why they’re living in Canada

by Leah Rosenberg

This Quds Day rally really makes you wonder why these Muslims are even living in Canada. They enjoy so many freedoms, yet they reject that freeness.

Quds Day in Canada

What are these free Canadian Muslims condemning? Why are they protesting? They are trying to condemn Canada for nothing. These Iranian-Canadians are chastising Canada and Israel for absolute lies. They make it seem like they are standing up for Palestinian Arab rights, but they are doing no such thing. If Muslims worldwide really cared about the Palestinian Arabs, they would protest the Palestinian Arab leadership. They wold protest the fact that Palestinian Arabs living under the Palestinian Authority are suffering. Those living under Israeli control are prospering. They enjoy endless freedoms. So why are these Muslims even protesting Israel (and Canada) at the Quds Day rally?

So Don’t Live in Canada

If they don’t like Canada, they don’t have to live there. They can move to one of their many, many countries. They won’t have the same liberties, but that’s their choice. Canada is not forcing them to live in a Democratic country. It is quite hypocritical do live in a country like Canada and benefit from their educational system and more and then protest all of it. One Muslim said, “Canada is a white supremacist, colonial, racist project…” If that was true, she would not be there protesting. She would not be allowed to enroll in Canadian university. The fact that they are even ALLOWED to have a Quds Day rally shows they have freedom in Canada!

Does anyone else see the truth?

Col. Kemp

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