Iranian Operatives Try to Kidnap Journalist in NYC

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran plotted to kidnap Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist in NYC. She has spoken out against the regime, and they are terrified of her.

The Brave Journalist in NYC

Masih Alinejad is an Iranian woman who has escaped the evil regime of Iran. She is an activist and a journalist who has spoken out against the regime and has stood up for women’s rights. Iran wants to silence Alinejad. And they plotted to kidnap this courageous journalist in NYC. Can you imagine? It’s not enough that Iran can’t handle free speech in their own country, but they even try to silence those in the US!

This is the same Iran that the Biden administration is trying to appease. Please, President Biden, for the sake of Masih Alinejad: Do not appease Iran. Do not give in to their demands. They are a regime that oppresses its people in Iran itself and throughout the world. They are a regime that sponsors terrorism worldwide. And the United States of America must ALWAYS stand strong against a government like that.

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