Arabs Get Violent As Jewish Family Moves Next Door

by Micha Gefen

A new Jewish family moved into the City of David, in what the Arabs insist be called Silwan. The Arabs leaving in the area directly threatened the new family.

More and more Jewish families are moving to the City of David and the Shiloach, both neighborhoods, the Arabs in the area call Silwan. These neighborhoods had been traditionally Jewish, up until the war of 1948 when they fell under the control of Jordan.

Now organizations like Ateret Cohanim and Ir David are working hard to right the injustice that took plave more than 70 years ago by purchasing homes from Arabs in these neighborhoods.

In the City of David, there are now more than 80 Jewish families. In the Shiloach there are more than 30 families.

The latest acquisitions come after a few months since Ateret Cohanim facilitated the purchase of two large buildings on the other side of the Kidron, above the Shiloach. That purchase occurred right before Ramadan. The Arabs used it as an excuse for violence. The most recent purchase is far smaller. However, given the tensions any new Jewish family is met with violent actions from th surrounding Arabs.

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