Comedian apologizes to Facebook for violating guidelines

by Phil Schneider

Facebook’s guidelines are written by lawyers who make sure to take care of two things: Facebook’s back and Facebook’s ideology. The lawyers and marketers who developed the guidelines care first and foremost of massive law cases that will lead to them being reigned in by Congress and the EU.

As far as what he says about Covid-19, he actually makes some controversial comments that can certainly be debated. But what he says about Facebook’s censorship is unfortunately not much of an exaggeration. Our free speech has not been threatened. It is absolutely gone on a few core issues – when Facebook, Twitter, and Google – decide to limit it. Senator Josh Hawley proved this rather conclusively in his Senate hearing with Marc Zuckerberg. There is not a tightly coordinated plan to communicate the exact same messages about controversial issues like the Presidential election. But there was and is a loose plan that insures that “ideologically correct” people are all working in the key spots to make sure that social media is leaning heavily towards anti-Trump viewpoints.

The line at the end where JP jokingly purports to support changing the Constitution to Facebook’s Community Guidelines is the best line of this video. Our free speech is indeed the #1 reason that Facebook, Google, and Twitter need some form of oversight or breakup that will change the status quo. To Facebook’s credit, it must be said that Marc Zuckerberg has supported this direction. The real question is how and what must be done. For starters, the fact checkers should not be people on Facebook’s payroll.

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