Nashville mayor laughs about bombing attack during interview

by Leah Rosenberg

What an extremely bizarre situation. How can the Nashville mayor laugh while talking about an attack that just took place in his city?

Does the Nashville Mayor Think it’s a Joke?

After the explosion in Nashville on the morning of December 25, many questions remained unanswered. The entire situation was strange. The timing of it. The location. The day. There were injuries as well as many damaged buildings and businesses. It was a frightening situation for all who witnessed it or felt the boom – and even for those who merely heard about it after. And here the Nashville mayor is laughing about it? What does he know that the rest of us don’t?

This is very weird. Something does not look right if the mayor of Nashville laughs when talking about an extremely destructive bombing in his city. We have no idea who is behind this or why they did it, but now this adds a whole new dimension of the fact that nothing is adding up. Things do not make sense.

The citizens of Nashville are waiting for answers. America is waiting for answers. We are hoping with time, more answers will be found; that those responsible will be brought to justice. But when the mayor is laughing about the situation, it seems that time is bringing more questions instead of answers.

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