Explosion in Nashville comes after a warning and count down

by Leah Rosenberg

The explosion in Nashville came at a quiet time as many were celebrating Christmas. What message were the perpetrator(s) sending?

The Explosion in Nashville

This terrorist attack in Nashville was strange and uncanny. There was a warning. A countdown. It clearly was not the plan to kill anybody since they called in police an hour earlier to evacuate the area. And the RV itself had a loudspeaker calling to evacuate the area. The explosion happened outside an AT&T building, leaving three people injured.

It was a terror attack to scare, but there are many questions. Who were the perpetrators? And who were they trying to scare. Why? Who can be so evil?

Businesses and restaurants have been destroyed. People now don’t have jobs. Nashville has suffered a lot in 2020 with a Tornado and the pandemic; with the tourism industry being hit hard.

Hopefully, the authorities will quickly get to the bottom of this so that they can keep Americans safe. Everyone wants to stop any future attack. No one should have to suffer physical or emotional trauma anymore from attacks like these. Let’s all pray for safer days. Let’s pray for the days when evil will be eradicated from the world.

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