ELECTION FRAUD: 500,000 Ballots Found In Pennsylvania

by Gavriel Dan

Evidence that election fraud occurred is pretty hard to refute. True, the legacy media insists the proof is not there, but the challenge is there were a number of ballot dumps at crucial moments that went almost exclusively for Biden – a statistical improbability.

Pennsylvania is a perfect example. President Trump was clearly winning, but a ballot dump totally near 600,000 ballots was brought in with 570,000 ballots going for Biden and 3,200 going for President Trump. The odds of that happening naturally is basically impossible.

These types of dumps occurred in all the main swing states – giving Biden a “come from behind” sort of win. The problem for the Biden camp is that these dumps just cannot be explained other than they were purposely done.

From the beginning, most experts agreed universal mail in voting could harnessed to create a level of wide election fraud that would put the US elections in serious jeopardy. This is exactly what has happened.

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