Samaria women respond to attack by singing ‘The Nation of Israel Lives’ in Arab Village

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow. These women have strength and courage. The Jewish people have strength and courage. Am Yisrael Chai in an Arab village!

Singing Through an Arab Village

One week ago on December 21, a woman’s body was found in a forest in Samaria. Her name was Esther Hurgan, and she was brutally murdered for being a Jew in her homeland. A terrorist crushed Esther’s head with a rock. Truly barbaric. Esther was just 52 years old. The Arab terrorists keep trying to drive the Jewish nation away from its land. In response to the horrific murder of Esther, Jewish women bravely and peacefully walked through an Arab village of Chuwara singing Am Yisrael Chai – the nation of Israel lives. That is the Jewish response. Jews do not go and murder innocent Arabs in response. Instead, they sing with pride. They tell the Arabs (and the world) that the Jews are here to stay. The nation of Israel has overcome everything over thousands of years. If these “Palestinian” terrorists knew some history, they would know that great nations have tried to destroy Israel for centuries and centuries. Those nations have disappeared, and the Jewish people are still here, stronger than ever before.

Despite pogroms and oppression, the Jewish nation keeps singing. Despite attacks and destruction, the people of Israel are marching onward in joyous song, looking toward a future of peace.

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