Mother of six brutally murdered in forest in Samaria

by Leah Rosenberg

An innocent woman was murdered in a forest in Samaria in a suspected terror attack. The perpetrator must be brought to justice!

Tragedy in Forest in Samaria

This is heartbreaking, disturbing, and tragic. A mother of six, Esther Hurgan, was brutally murdered in a forest in Samaria. Israel is still investigating, but it is believed to be a terror attack. She was only 52 years old, and her youngest son was just 13 years old. Her head was smashed with a rock in a violent attack. It is truly horrific to think about. An innocent woman taken far too soon. Esther was a daughter, a mother, a wife, a grandmother, a friend. She was loved by so many.

And some barbaric person murdered her. How can this be? The world should be outraged when they hear stories like these. Jews should be allowed to walk freely in their ancestral homeland without being attacked.

The whole country is outraged. The whole country mourns with the family. Everyone is heartbroken over the murder of another Jew.

Whether or not it is confirmed to be a terror attack or some other criminal act, whoever did this horrendous crime must be brought to justice. No one should have to mourn the loss of their loved one because of such a tragedy.

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