A journey through the ancient ruins of the palace of King Herod

by Phil Schneider

Herod was probably the greatest builder in the Land of Israel. Herodium is on the edge of the desert, just around 15-20 minutes south of Jerusalem. Herod’s solution was always to build, build, and build more. But this palace was more than just a strategic city that Herod built, it is a hilly fortress that was turned into a huge palace that could exist through a siege for many months.

Archaeological finds that are 2,000 years old in the Land of Israel are not considered major finds in Israel. But the sheer number of finds is overwhelming. Herod built entire cities in Israel – Caesearia, Herodium, and the 2nd Temple itself. He was so important that his time is called the Herodian period. He was not a good person, but he sure left his mark.

Archaeologists, of course, focus on the ruins that can be seen today. But, the most important aspect of what one is overwhelmed with in the Land of Israel is that the Bible stories have literally hundreds of proofs of the efficacy of all of the stories of the Bible. For the firm believer, it is yet another confirmation of what is known to be true. But for the cynic, it sure raises an eyebrow. For the scoffer, it presents questions that are difficult to grapple with.

The Watchman episodes are produced in such a way that it is a pleasure to watch and learn about all of the amazing sites across the breadth of the Land of Israel.

Judea and Samaria Building
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