What the future of America will be if the Democrats win the Senate

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the future of America going to look like? Will America be able to remain as strong as it has been? That depends on many factors.

Future of America without its Founding Values

Well, this here explains what the future of America will look like if the Democrats win the Senate. The future will be a place where the values upon which America was founded will be stomped upon; where everything America once stood for will be torn down. How have we gotten to that point?

Additionally, science is being put into question. But how can universal truths that have been accepted and verified for centuries suddenly be denied? It is frightening the direction the world has taken. This video really delves into the dangers of Progressivism. They deny accepted truths. They raise questions and issues on things that are not issues.

The Dangers of Leftism

This is not just a difference of opinion we are talking about. We are talking about our liberties being taken away! This is America vs. Communism. This is freedom vs. Marxism. That is what we are up against. We have already seen the dangers of extreme Leftists. BLM and Antifa have destroyed, murdered, and looted. And they have done so in the name of Progressivism.

Wake up, America. If you think your life won’t be affected, it will. If you think your freedoms won’t be affected, they will. Something needs to change, and it needs to be fast.

Because it is almost too late.


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