China is using Hollywood to threaten the world

by Leah Rosenberg

Hollywood has been giving into Chinese pressure to censor certain things from movies. It is truly disturbing and frightening!

Hollywood is Bowing Down to China

Hollywood should be ashamed of themselves. They are giving into the Chinese Communist government! All for money.

China spends billions of dollars to mislead Americans. The regime is brainwashing Americans without them realizing. China is trying to takeover America. It is not enough that they control every action of their own people. It is not enough that they torture and murder their own. The Chinese Communist government is also trying to control America. And shockingly, there are those who are allowing it.

Ted Cruz Takes a Stand

Ted Cruz has pointed out how China is a threat on many fronts – health, security, our freedoms, and more.

How can anyone disagree with Cruz on the issues he has raised? All Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, should care about the influence that China’s Communist government has on Hollywood. Everyone should care that China is censoring what happens in movies; that China is taking away our freedoms and liberties. It seems irrational to ignore this issue. And yet, it is being ignored by the same people who claim to defend America and American values at all costs.

Cruz is trying to stop China from having a foothold in Hollywood and in America. He wants the rich and famous to also care about the future of America and freedom and to care about it more than money. It is truly hard to imagine the fact that freedom does not matter to Hollywood as long as money is being made. How low have they sunk?

Hopefully, Ted Cruz will get this bill passed. Hopefully, American politicians will be smart enough to realize the threat of China. All sides must unite to stop this Communist regime.

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