Tensions Escalate Between USA and China Over Taiwan Strait

by David Mark

Tensions spiked between the US and China as both countries sent warships into the Taiwan Strait over the weekend.

The U.S. sent the USS Mustin on Saturday sailing through the geopolitically sensitive channel on a routine mission. The action drew a quick rebuke from Beijing, which claims to have shadowed the American warship. In response CCP controlled China sent its own naval strike group, which included a new aircraft carrier, the Shandong through the straight on Sunday. Taiwan immediately sent six warships and eight military aircraft to monitor the Chinese ships.

With more and more information coming out that the Biden family is compromised by Beijing, the Trump administration is not only taking a firmer military stance in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, but has reigned its security briefings during the transition period. While it is not immediately clear why the DOD has pulled back sharing info with the Biden’s transition team, one possibility is the need to keep information sensitive that deals with China from being shared to the Chinese Communist Party.

Where Does Israel Stand?

Israel’s neutral foreign policy has enabled her to continue to develop and build economic ties with as many different countries as possible. However, this poses a challenge for the US as well as Jerusalem’s newest ally India when it comes to working with China.

With China’s increasing belligerent policy disregarding established global norms, Israel appears to be stuck in between the USA and Beijing. On one hand, Israel cannot afford to sever tie with the US and on the other, China has an outsized influence in the Middle East visa vi Iran and all across the Horn of Africa. China has also made inroads into Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda, paralleling the same sphere of influence Israel is seeking to establish.

US Has Urged Israel To Distance Itself From China

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on a visit to Israel this past May, urged the government in Jerusalem to distance itself from Beijing amid reports that China was about to be rewarded a contract for managing the Haifa port for 25 years. The port happens to be the permanent home of the US 6th Fleet.

China has had an outsized investment strategy in Israel and now has won tenders for building or managing multiple major infrastructure projects throughout Israel.

With enmity growing between Israel’s allies and China, Israel may have to pick a side sooner or later.


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