Israeli flag thanking Mossad hung above Tehran highway

by Leah Rosenberg

In Iran, this is an uncommon sight. An Israeli flag over a highway? Thanking the Mossad for getting rid of a top nuclear scientist? Wow!

Israel Flag Over Tehran Highway

Well, this was a complete surprise. The sign over a Tehran highway said “Thank you, Mossad” and had an Israeli flag hung above it. A more common sight to see in Iran is an Israel flag being burned and chants of “Death to Israel.” But over this Tehran highway, the unexpected happened. There are Iranians who were actually thanking Israel – specifically Israel’s national intelligence agency – for helping get rid of Iran’s terrorists. This was a response to the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a top Iranian nuclear scientist. Israel has not admitted anything, but Iran believes that Israel is responsible.

Those Who Want a Change

This is a reminder that not all Iranians support the regime. Many want a change. Many want an end to the terrorism. There are Iranians who don’t want their regime to be building a nuclear weapon to destroy Israel. There are Iranians who want to be allies with countries like America and Israel, not enemies. The regime uses money for terrorism instead of using money to help feed the poor or improve the economy. Who would want to live under a rulership like that?

In other parts of the world, an Israeli flag hung above a highway thanking the Mossad would still be amazing and something worth seeing. But especially in Iran, it is a huge statement. Iranians could be tortured or killed for doing something like this. But whoever did it clearly did not care. They wanted to show the regime that they have had enough.

Maybe soon more people in Iran will outwardly support the Western world. It seems that Arab countries are starting to wake up. Will Iran also?

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