BLM left speechless by what these Black men said in public

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, BLM has once again been slammed by Black America. But is the media showing it to you? No. No one will tell you how Black Americans really feel.

The Truth about BLM

Americans needs to know the truth about BLM. They need to know how much damage this group is causing to the Black community and to America as a whole.

Hearing these men publicly berate Black Lives Matter is powerful. The media makes it seem like the entire Black community in America hates America. They make it seem like they all feel scared for their lives because of racism.

That cannot be farther from the truth. 

But the media won’t tell you that. They will never show you the videos of Blacks praising America or praising Trump. They will never show you the videos of Blacks chastising Obama for his failed eight years of presidency. No, instead the media will continue to push a narrative about Blacks that Blacks do not even agree with!

What Happened to America?

There are so many lies that have been circulating the country. The weak-minded believe those lies. It is so foolish. The lies are so absurd. So many do not care about the truth.

And the sad thing is that you would expect those with the power to make a change to hold themselves to a higher standard. But it seems like too many politicians have been encouraging BLM activists to protest and bring down America. It seems that they no longer care about the freedom they were put in power to protect. Things have gotten out of hand.

America is one of the freest countries in the world. It is filled with opportunity and good. If Blacks are saying they do not feel oppressed or targeted, why are others trying to force them to feel it?

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