Black women speak up against Black Lives Matter

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you want to know the truth about Black Lives Matter? This video reveals everything you need to know. So many people are supporting this terrible group.

Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Care

Want to know a secret? The group Black Lives Matter does not care about Black lives. If they did, you wouldn’t be hearing these women crying out for help. If they did, this group would not be going around vandalizing and destroying businesses and cities – including BLACK businesses.

But the truth is, Black Lives Matter is a scary organization. It’s not about anybody’s lives at all. Otherwise, the protesters would not have murdered a 77 year old Black police officer defending a pawn shop.

It is a game of politics to these people. And the ones who are losing are not only the Conservatives. The ones who are losing are not only the white people. It is Black people that are suffering at the hands of this Far-Left group.

What are the Riots About?

The riots are not about George Floyd’s death. Everyone agrees he was killed in an unjust way. The riots are not about racism. Looting and breaking into stores, stealing TVs, and murdering a retired Black cop has nothing to do with racism. Vandalizing synagogues when Jews had nothing to do with the murder of George Floyd shows that the riots are not about Whites mistreating Blacks. How is it possible that people don’t see that?

Maybe they do see it. But if their political agenda is different than the truth, they will ignore the truth. They will murder the truth. And that is exactly what they have been doing.

When riots start turning so violent with the claim that it is to stop violence against a certain group, something is wrong. When Black women are crying out that they are scared of the rioters or that their entire business has been destroyed because of rioters, something is wrong. Yes, something is majorly wrong in America right now.

And no, it is not “the system.”

Col. Kemp

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