New Defense Minister Cancels Order that Punished Palestinian Authority for Rewarding Terrorists

by Avi Abelow

This is a horrendous update. I’m in utter shock, but not surprised. 

Israel suspended the order that punished Palestinian Authority banks for transferring salaries to families of terrorists who murdered Israeli Jews, a program also known as “pay to slay”.

For years Israeli citizens have been pushing the Israeli government to do something to punish the Palestinian Authority for this horrendous practice. We finally had a Defense Minister who did something to stop it, former Defense Naftali Bennet of the right-wing Yamina Party. But, the new Defense Minister from the Left wing Blue & White Party, just cancelled the order.

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The order obligated banks operating in the Palestinian Authority to freeze and close bank accounts used by imprisoned operatives and their families, after exposing them to lawsuits.

Finally, finally, We had the pressure to force them to stop rewarding our murderers. But our new left-wing Defense Minister cancelled it. This is beyond infuriating and unjust. This terrorist organization called the Palestinian Authority, rewards the murderers who killed us, and the world expects us to make peace with them. 

Following news of the order’s freeze, former Defense Minister MK Naftali Bennett tweeted: “In simple Hebrew: When I was Defense Minister, I issued an order prohibiting Palestinian banks from transferring monthly payments to Israeli murderers. A bank that transfers the money will be flagged and will be severely damaged. The Palestinian banks have stopped making payments to murderers. It drove murderer’s families nuts. The PA pressured Netanyahu-Gantz to freeze the order, and they froze it.”

Praying for a day when we have true leadership that will stand up to the pressure and blot our the evil we have to deal with called the fake cause of “Palestine”.

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