Saudi Arabian Writer Blasts the Palestine Lie

by Avi Abelow

This Saudia Arabian writer tells the truth about the lie called palestine, further proving how the Arab world is sick of this fake cause.

Little by little, more Arab Muslims, and more Arab Muslim countries are taking steps to step away from standing with the fake cause called “palestine”. They want to move forward developing relationships with Israel and the United States, and the fake cause called palestine is holding them back.

This is an extremely positive development.

President Trump’s Deal of the Century was developed not just to recognize Israeli sovereignty in Judea & Samaria, but with an eye on moving forward with the Arab Muslim world. President Trump’s team worked hard with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states to get their buy-in for the deal, so that they can save face with their citizens showing that they care about palestine, to then allow those Arab Muslim countries to develop ties with the USA and Israel.

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Saudi Writer Abdulhameed Al-Ghobain: Palestine Was Never an Independent State; The Palestinian Cause Is an Illusion; Arabs, Leaders Use Emotional Slogans That Have Nothing to Do with Reality

Saudi writer Abdulhameed Al-Ghobain said in a May 21, 2020 show on Etejah TV (Iraq) that there was never an independent Palestinian state, since the territory had previously been under the authority of the Ottoman Empire, followed by the British. He pointed out that most of the Arab countries were established in the beginning of the 20th century – some as late as the 1970s – and that the Arabs, Arab League, and Palestinians had refused to establish an independent Palestinian state when Israel was established in the late 1940s. In addition, Al-Ghobain said that he has come to the conclusion that the Palestinian cause is an illusion and that it has never been a real and just cause. He also criticized the Arabs and Arab leaders for using emotion-based slogans that have nothing to do with reality.

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