Biden’s Potential VP Refuses To Denounce the “Defund The Police” Movement

by Micha Gefen

Revolutions come swiftly and their path forward are often unpredictable. The groups pushing the current insurrection, made up of former Obama operatives, neocon careerists, and elements of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) have been having a hard time finding common ground on the nature of their end game. While neocons and MIC members would love to take out Trump in November, they do not view this as a revolution. The Soros funded Obama operatives and allies do. For them the defund the police movement is a key part of eviscerating the safety net within the USA.

This is why Kamala Harris’ non answer on a direct question on whether she supports defunding the police is so critical. In both Obamaesque double speak and deflection she tried to reframe defund as a sort of reallocation. Why? Because she knows most Americans and even African Americans do not support closing down the police, but that is exactly what the hard left now wants to do.

Kamala, like all other more corporate candidates have been hard pressed to straddle the line between deference to the radicals while hoping to not alienate the more sensible voter.

The radicals are both violent and calm, impulsive and strategic. This is what makes this movement so confusing and yet effective. They are not interested in merely unseating Trump, but rather using him as a foil to begin to remake America from the ground up, until the top is handed back to them.

Right now, the insurrection is still taking on an organic and populist appearance. Due to the depths that President Trump has appeared to sink in the polls there is a good possibility that the leaders may well begin to reveal themselves. After all they will need to wrest control of the movement from the corrupt DNC, neocon Deep State members, and the MIC.

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