Black Woman Smashes Black Lives Matter Protest with the Truth

by Avi Abelow

Watch the whole thing, until the end. She is on a roll and drops multiple truth bombs all the way until the end.

Black LA Police Officer Shares His Truths

This is a powerful message that was going around. The police officer’s last name is not known.

So hard to be viewing the tragic events plaguing the States right now. The murder of George Floyd, riots, bigotry, intersectionality..
Sharing with you the points of view of my sister-in-law (David’s twin sister) and her husband (my brother-in-law), a black POLICE officer in Los Angeles.

My sister in law Danna writes:

My black American husband –
who is also in law enforcement – is TOTALLY DISGUSTED by the position espoused by Trevor Noah – my husband utterly rejects when Blacks are continually held to a lower standard of conduct ….
especially by White Liberals. He finds it extremely condescending, demeaning & the bigotry of low expectations… as in, while, Jews always hold themselves & children to high standard of behavior, despite centuries of suffering horrific mistreatment, prejudice & mass murder….. people predictably rationalize bad behavior by Blacks – n treat them like highly emotional, impulsive children – instead equal standard of behavior ….as in ‘but them poor Black people – well, ya know, how they are – highly emotional people, who cannot control their impulses, so we gotta let them vent ….’
My husband is blown away how Vietnamese Boat people & Cambodians, Hispanics, etc have all had it rough – but no other group gets a pass to riot – except the Blacks.

BTW – Gary is totally embarrassed by it all…. but he rejects any rationalization of the rioting – and his family is originally from the Deep South & his Mom grew up under Jim Crow laws – so he understands how bad it was…
BTW – Gary has often compared Palestinians community to the Black community at times like this ….and it is not a good look…



So here are my thoughts. Kinda scattered tho…and I’m gonna catch hell for this. But, ask me if I care:

George Floyd vs Derrick Chauvin

This death was totally unnecessary. It was disgusting to see. And every cop I know, every cop I’ve heard talk about it has shared the same sense of outrage, anger and disbelief at the horror perpetuated on Mr. Floyd. This situation is the only one in years that has put both Democrats and Republicans on the same side. There is no excuse, no explanation and absolutely no justification for putting a knee on the neck of a suspect and choking him/her out.

That said, and hopefully made clear, This knee in the neck thing was an aberration. It is NOT a common occurrence. And it is BECAUSE it is an aberration that it shocks the conscience. It is totally unfair and unjust to blame all cops for the actions of a few bad apples. Every profession has it’s A-holes. Police are no different. It’s not right to paint all cops with the same brush anymore than it is to paint all Black, all Hispanics, all doctors, lawyers, etc… the same just because a few are rogue and do horrific things. That should be obvious.


Since when is rioting the way to resolve anything? Dr MLK and our parents/grandparents went through much worse. Racism was blatant and constant. We couldn’t eat in certain sections of restaurants, we couldn’t drink from certain fountains or enter certain schools. We endured dogs, fire hoses and hangings. But the method was peaceful non-resistance. And guess what…..IT WORKED!!! No, it didn’t cure everything but it was a winning strategy. Our parents/grandparents didn’t have the disease of immediate gratification like this generation. They stayed the course and in doing so, won the support of nations around the world. The Irish, the Chinese, the Polish, the Japanese, the Jews, the Italians, the homosexuals, the transgender……all have had their bouts with racism and disparity in this Country. I can’t think of ONE TIME……EVER….that any other aggrieved group took to the streets to burn down and destroy their own communities, loot stores and destroy property. Black people, my people are the only group that has that shameful distinction. What the hell happened to us?? Why the hell do we keep doing this crap??

I’ve heard the media and some City Officials say people are just expressing their anger over years of unjust treatment by police. Okay, so let’s go with that. What a foul and condescending commentary. It implies and almost plainly states that Black people are incapable of controlling their anger and behaving appropriately, despite being deeply upset. We can’t be adults because…we just can’t so they have to let us have our tantrum. It excuses the reckless and irresponsible response(s) of destroying what little viable goods and services, job opportunities and investment(s) made in Black communities. Why would I invest ANYTHING in such a community knowing that any flashpoint could see my investment go up in smoke???

For those who participated in the destruction….when the rioting stops, the stores are empty and emotions settle, you will wake up in the morning and find that corner store that was so convenient for you to run to…is no more. That Target store is gone, Home Depot….gone. They took their jobs with them and they won’t come back. What then? You’ll complain that you live in a hell-hole with no resources and no jobs and dilapidated buildings and houses. And you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. If you’re honest.

MLK was a General of positive change. He was out in the streets in front of the troops leading the charge and getting arrested right along with his troops. George Soros is a coward. While you idiots are out there causing chaos and draining the life out of your own community for money, he sits in his golden palace watching you get pepper sprayed, hit with rubber bullets and carted off to jail. You’re a tool and a fool!!!

For those that did not participate in the rioting, but support it, you’re just as guilty as the partners who stood by and did nothing while Derrick Chauvin choked out Mr Floyd. You’re just as morally bankrupt. You suck!!!

President Trump

Yes, some of the things he said are upsetting. Sometimes it’s best he just stay quiet. HOWEVER….it’s what he ***does ***that makes more of an impact, no? Within 48 hours of the video going viral he ordered the AG and the DOJ to look heavily into the situation. Derrick Chauvin was arrested. Trump made the right call. Was anything he said on any level as insulting as, say Joe Biden saying you aren’t Black if you don’t vote for him, or you can’t go into a 7Eleven unless you have an Indian accent, or comparing little Black children to roaches who like to play with his leg hair? STOP IT!!!

The Media

CNN, MSNBC, and their ilk have been fanning the flames of identity politics for years….with CNN at the forefront. It’s almost poetic justice that their building was taken over and burned by the very people they energized with hatred. When you fan a flame, fire is indiscriminate and sometimes you’re the one who gets burned. Don Lemondrop, Rachel Madcow, Anderson Cooper, Krazy Chris “Steroid Boy” Cuomo, Wolf Blitzerberg Blizer and the ilk are all guilty of kicking up this dust and focusing nearly everything on racism. Shame on them.

I woke up today feeling sad. Sad and angry and disgusted and ashamed and disheartened. This is not the Country I remember just two decades ago. People have completely lost the ability to blush, to feel shame or to even care about the damage, verbal or physical, that comes from their actions. I have no clue how to fix it and today, I actually felt a sense of defeat. Decency seems gone for good.

I hope I’m wrong. But hope springs eternal. I pray that you all get thru this mess unscathed, we bounce back from COVID and our Country gets back to the greatness it was meant to be.

Atlanta Mayor: This is not a protest. This is chaos

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