Discover the 3,000 year old City of David

by Phil Schneider

A tour of the City of David is different than any other place in the State of Israel. Yes, there are places across the State of Israel where people can see ancient artifacts. There are many places across the country that one can feel the history come alive. However, in the city of David, there is an overwhelming sense that a person is walking exactly where King David walked.

The City of David is basically a city that is being unearthed right near the holiest place of the Jewish people – the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is the location where the first and second Temple of the Jewish people stood – for more than 800 years. But when it was destroyed around 2,000 years ago by the Romans, the Jewish people were driven to exile. Today, the people that walk around the streets of Jerusalem near the Western Wall are walking right above the exact streets where King David and King Solomon walked. No, thanks to the City of David foundation, the exact streets have been unearthed and you can walk on those very streets today.

The connection of the Jewish people to the State of Israel is based on history, necessity, and a centuries-old longing to return to the heart of the Jewish people. The city of David is probably the best place in the world that encapsulates all of these things. Enjoy the tour!

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