by David Mark

With the current riots across the country spilling over into other communities not connected to the initial focus of the protests, Jews have now begun to feel for themselves the chaos and determination to destroy America’s symbols.

Stories after stories across the US have shown an uptick in anti-Jewish violence as an outgrowth to the current insurrection. Places largely untouched in the past, like Beverley Hills have now born the brunt of Antifa, BLM, and other radical and revolutionary groups.

The myriad calls for Aliyah that always happens during these events are now beginning to rise once more. But is it really time to come home to Israel?

While there is a tendency to sweep these sorts of events under the rug as was down during the last spate of anti-semitism in the NY area, this appears to be far different.

What the George Floyd insurrection is revealing is just how systemic the rot is within American society. While it is true, Jews have integrated and reached the highest places of power, it also brings upon the Jewish community a hyper-focus by those groups looking to dismantle America from within.

After all, Jews are connected to the idea of success and since this revolution is about radically changing the contract that has governed American civil society, then Jews are part of what needs to change as well.

Nothing of what I write about the need to make Aliyah is easy for me or others. Many of us now living in Israel were born and grew up in America and are thankful for that even though we moved home to Israel. It is precisely for that reason though, that we have a unique voice in helping those Jews not fall for the same mistakes our collective self made just over 80 years ago.

What we are witnessing in America is a collapse of the social order. Yes it is being directed and yes much of the violence is being led from out of town infiltrators, but that doesn’t matter. The genie has been released. The bottle cap to put him back in appears to be lost. In these moments there is an opportunity to rectify the mistakes of the past.

True, Israel has its own challenges, its issues, but unlike America, it is our home. Perhaps now, unlike before, American Jews will take heed to the messages all around them.

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