Defund the police force? Think again.

by Phil Schneider

Is police reform necessary? Perhaps. Should policemen have more sensitivity and racial training? Probably. Should the amount of budget allocated towards the police be decreased? Probably not. Should police forces be dismantled? That is the most ludicrous idea that has been brought up in many years. Yes, there are many calls now to dismantle the police. It is time for some common sense on this issue.

There is no more dangerous threat to the internal fabric of the United States and any country than internal chaos. The key to not having chaos in a society are three things: a strong family unit, a thriving educational system, and an effective police force. If the family unit breaks down, there will be havoc. If the educational systems fall apart, people will not grow up to be productive citizens. But if there is a non-effective police force that stands back while hooligans dominate, then all of the education and healthy home lives will be destroyed by a small minority that runs the streets.

A solid court system that is able to implement laws via a police force is a basic building block of any stable society. Sometimes, certain ideas need to be labeled as absolutely ludicrous. This is one of those examples. Donald Trump will make his case for this come November. He’ll take a lot of heat for it, but he will win more votes than he will lose if he argues that it is absurd to not have a police force. Should 911 be manned by social workers?

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