A family of Jewish musicians came together to plead with G-d

by Phil Schneider

This beautiful song is a supplication to the Lord that “We are Your servants!” It is a beautiful tune in itself. But what makes this more unique is that it is sung by a father with his two well-known and talented children. Both Shlomo and Eitan Katz have made quite a name for themselves singing across the globe. They were both raised into a singing family, with their father Avshalom Katz teaching and playing music for many decades in America and Israel.

The power of song to communicate the messages of the soul cannot be overestimated. These two young singers were clearly impacted by the songs at the Sabbath table that they grew up singing together. The power of one day that brings a family together with song and spirit cannot be overemphasized. This is a universal concept. But, some families seem to understand this more than others and include this in their daily life and routine.

In today’s day and age, the coronavirus pandemic has forced hundreds of millions of people to hunker down into their homes in order to stay safe. Perhaps one of the messages that God has brought to the world through the plague is to reemphasize the focus on the preciousness of one’s immediate family. George Will, brilliantly wrote that no child prefers quality time with their parents over quantity time. In our busy lives of the 21st century, so many have become accustomed to spending minimal time with their closest loved ones, with constant whatsapp interruptions. The world will improve in a myriad of ways when we accustom ourselves to simply shut off the ringer and put the phone away for chunks of time every day, and focus on what matters most – family and spirituality. Singing as a family together is perhaps the pinnacle of doing all of these in the most ideal fashion.

Motivation for Terror
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