Mainstream media isn’t reporting what this Gazan just said, but we are

by Phil Schneider

The mainstream media in the West has very clear agendas on most issues. When it comes to the State of Israel, the agenda is clear. The most common mantra is that Israel is the oppressor and the so called “Palestinians” – especially the children – are the oppressed.

Land Giveaway

Back in 2005, Israel removed more than a dozen small communities in the Gaza Strip area.  They numbered more than 8,000 people.  However, Israel’s Prime Minister at the time, Ariel Sharon, decided to “give peace a chance.”  It was a horrible thing then.  A majority of Sharon’s own ruling party, the Likud, opposed the move.  However, no leader stood up and brought down Sharon out of fear for their own political fortunes.  Even Benjamin Netanyahu, who was finance minister at the time, and was very influential, did not fight tooth and nail against the pullout.  He voted for it.  It’s on tape.  The result of the pullout is that Israel now has a mini-terrorist state on it’s southwestern border.  That mini-terrorist state can wreak havoc on southern and central Israel.

How is Israel still the oppressor of Land they gave away?

The only thing that Israel ought to have “profited” from the pullout was that people would stop calling Israel the oppressor of the Gaza Strip.  But, even that didn’t happen.  After the pullout,  the Arabs in Gaza turned the area into a launching pad for thousands of missiles towards Israel.

This brave man is not the only person to speak up.  But he is one of the only people that you will hear.  The mainstream media is very adept at muffling out any voices that don’t fit the narrative.



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