Revealed: Arab States Wasted Millions of US $ Given to Resettle Refugees

by Avi Abelow

The USA, under President Truman in 1952, gave over $100 million to Arab countries to resettle the Arab refugees.  But they took the money and never resettled their Arab/Muslim brethren. That amount in 1952 is equivalent to $1.5 billion today! Israeli researcher Koby Barda accidentally came upon this information.  He was in the midst of a research project during his studies at Haifa University.


The exposure of this 1952 diplomatic initiative is mind-blowing. It reveals that the USA once understood that the Arab/Muslim countries, who launched the 1948 war to destroy Israel, were the ones responsible for resettling the Arab refugees created by their failed war against the Jews.

In addition, it reveals that the USA gave the Arab world the money necessary to resettle the Arab/Muslims who lost their homes in that war.  However, the Arabs went ahead andpocketed the money instead.  They chose to never resettle their Arab/Muslim brethren.

Once a Refugee, Always a Refugee

The 600,000 Arab/Muslim refugees in 1952 were left to remain and balloon into a population of over 5 million today.  This is according to the United Nations. They are the only refugee population in the world that grows. All other refugee populations resettle and disappear after a few years. But because the Arab/Muslim world never resettled their Arab/Mulsim brethren, this “refugee” population remained and grew.

Jewish and Arab/Muslim Refugees

It’s been seven decades since the 1948 Arab/Muslim-Israeli war. Yet there are still according to many estimates, 5 million Arab/Muslim refugees that the world calls “palestinians.”  By the end of that war, there were 850,000 Jewish refugees.  But Israel took them in and settled them in Israel. Within a few years, zero Jewish refugees remained from that Arab/Muslim-Jewish war. With so many Arab/Muslim allies of the “palestinian” Arabs, how did this happen? What does it say about Israel? And what does it say about its Arab neighbors?

President Truman’s Plan

Researcher Koby Barda accidentally discovered that President Harry Truman tried to help solve the joint Jewish and Arab resettlement issue back in 1952.

Post World War II, the USA poured millions of dollars into the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe. At the same time the U.S. decided to provide money in order to help Israel and the Arab/Muslim states solve the refugee problem.  This problem affected both communities, the Jews and the Arab/Muslims.

American Aid

The initial American plan included giving $50 million equally to the Jewish State of Israel and to the Arab states.  The money was slated to build the necessary infrastructure and tackle the refugee problem from the war. The US gave the money to resettle the Arab/Muslim refugees to the UN agency who’s job was to help the refugees. Then the Americans gave the Arab/Muslim countries an additional $53 million for “technical cooperation.” In effect, the Arab/Muslim countries received double the amount of money given to Israel to resettle the Jewish refugees.  This despite the fact that Israel took in more refugees. The total amount – around $153 million towards this plan at the request of then-President Harry Truman is equal to $1.5 billion today.

Down the Drain…

“In hindsight, the Americans have already paid to have the Palestinian refugees accommodated.  But they are still defined as refugees and still living in refugee camps. Israel, on the other hand, has taken in [Jewish] refugees from Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, given them citizenship, and ended the matter. In Jordan, where most of the “palestinian” [Arab] refugees wound up and which signed the aid deal with the U.S. – unlike Syria, which refused – there are still “palestinian” [Arab] refugee camps. This is the asymmetry in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  It’s very important to the historical narrative and to any future attempt to reach an agreement,” Barda explained in his interview with the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom.

Click here for the full article about this recent accidental discovery.


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