Netanyahu promises “painful blows” to Hamas border violence

by Leah Rosenberg

Hamas border violence has been nonstop. Some countries refuse to take a strong stance against terrorism. But Israel has no choice.

Israel Stands Against Border Violence

Israel has no choice but to stand strong against terrorism. They are threatened at every border. The Gaza border has been subject to nonstop terror. From attempted infiltrations to arson balloons being sent into Israel, the people and the land have had enough.

And the leaders have had enough as well.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to serve “painful blows” to Hamas if they do not stop.

Israel has tried softer methods but to no avail. The threats have been incessant.

Other countries might judge, but what would your country do if its citizens were at risk? It is a matter of life and death.

America Also Stands Against Terrorism

Israel’s closest ally, The United States of America, also took a strong stand against terrorism. The “Palestinian” Authority uses foreign aid to pay terrorists. The U.S. had enough of paying “Palestinians” to murder Israelis, and they cut funding.

And that is exactly what they should have done. Why would any democratic country knowingly fund terrorism? There is so much proof of what the “Palestinian” aid is being used for. It is just so clear.

Canada Missed the Message

Canada missed the message that free countries should reject terrorism. Instead of taking action to show that Canada does not support terrorism, they did the opposite. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to fund Hamas in place of America’s money. And he is using Canadian tax dollars to do so. It seems too ridiculous to be true, but sadly, it is.

Every democratic country should be publicly denouncing terrorism.

But those who have done so are still waiting for the rest of the West to be on their side.

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