Trudeau using Canadian tax dollars to fund Hamas

by Leah Rosenberg

Justin Trudeau continues to make terrible choices as Canada’s prime minister. He is now using Canadian tax dollars to pay Hamas terrorists.

What is Justin Trudeau Doing?

America made a decision to cut funding to UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East). Because UNRWA gives money to the “Palestinian” leadership, who in turn uses the money to promote terrorism, the United States made a bold move to stop giving money. And somehow, Trudeau thought that he should make up for that funding cut and give more money to terrorists.

The money doesn’t go toward helping any “Palestinian” in need. It really just goes toward promoting more terrorism.

Trudeau never takes a moral stance the way the U.S. does. That is just poor leadership.

The United Nations

The United Nations really promotes terrorism. Their official goal is to keep peace and promote human rights. And sadly, they are doing the opposite.

They constantly attack Israel – the one country in the Middle East keeping peace and respecting human rights. And instead, the United Nations is ignoring all the terrorism and oppression happening throughout the world. They ignore Syria’s civil war and use of chemical weapons on their own people. And what about Iran? And every other Muslim country in the Middle East?

The United Nations just gives more fuel to Hamas to continue doing what they are doing because they don’t criticize them the way they should.

Indeed, now Trudeau is supporting that as well.

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