Bibi’s speech that made every Christian proud to be a Christian

by Leah Rosenberg

There is one place in the Middle East where a Christian person enjoys full religious freedom.  There is one place in the Middle East that is a free Western democracy. That place is Israel.

Bethlehem, Tiberias, and Jerusalem

These three cities are all on the agenda of any Christian tourist from anywhere in the entire world. The Israeli government and the Ministry of Tourism makes sure that every tourist – no matter what their religion – enjoys their visits to all of these three sites.  This despite the fact that all of these 3 cities have great significance to the Jewish people as well.  That doesn’t bother the Israeli government at all.  Nor does it bother the people of Israel.  Israel is a rather open-minded country.  People are free to live as they see fit and live whatever religious life they choose.

A Real Democracy

The reason why the Israeli government has no problem with non-Jewish visitors to these cities is because Israel is a genuine free democracy.  This cannot be overstated.  Israel welcomes Christian tourists from the entire world.  There is nearly no other country in the Middle East that can say this.  Some countries can argue that they are working to become more westernized.  Some can say that they allow tourists to travel freely.  But the truth is that Israel is the single true democracy in a region of tyranny and anti-Christian persecution.

We applaud Prime Minister Netanyahu who properly parrots Israel’s freedom-loving norms.  He truly understands the value of the friends of Israel who are Christians.  And he understands the value of respect for other religions even in the Holy Land.



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