Gazan Rocket Launchers Killed by IDF in Retaliation Strikes

by Avi Abelow

In retaliation for the rocket attack on Beersheba early this morning, the IDF bombed 20 terrorist targets in Gaza.  In the attack, the IDF also hit terrorists in the act of launching more rockets.

Multiple Rocket Attacks

In addition to the rocket attack that destroyed the Beersheba home, a second rocket fired from Gaza landed off the coast of the greater Tel Aviv area.  This is known in Israel as Gush Dan.  Gush Dan is the metropolis of Tel-Aviv itself along with a number of large suburbs.  Millions of people live there.  With God’s help, that rocket missed. The Gush Dan area is a residential area with little open space. A rocket that lands in Gush Dan has the ability to cause a massive amount of casualties and deaths.


The IDF retaliated by bombing 20 military installations in Gaza including another Hamas terror tunnel.

The IDF said it held the Hamas terror group, which rules the coastal enclave, responsible for the attack, regardless of which group specifically launched the rockets.

“Israel views the attacks along the Gaza border and on Beersheba with the utmost severity,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said following a situational assessment on Gaza with his top dense officials.

“I said at the start of this week’s cabinet meeting that if the attacks don’t stop we will stop them.  And I want to tell you again today that Israel will act with force,” he says.

3 Children Survive Gaza Rocket Attack in Beersheba

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