3 Children Survive Gaza Rocket Attack in Beersheba

by Avi Abelow

Last night at 3:40 AM, Gaza terrorists shot a rocket from Gaza that landed on a children’s bedroom.  They destroyed a whole house in the Israeli city of Beer Sheva. The children were saved thanks to the quick thinking of their mother who evacuated them just seconds before the rocket hit.


This wasn’t just one miracle, but a number of miracles. The house destroyed by the rocket is part of a two house complex, one right next to the other. When the sirens went off at 3:40 AM, the mother of the house that was hit thankfully rushed to evacuate her children.  That saved their lives. However, the neighbors next door, just feet away from where the rocket hit, decided to stay in their beds and not move. Had the rocket just hit a few feet over, that family would have been killed.

Another neighbor, two houses down, told the author that when she heard the siren, she ran into her children’s rooms.  She pulled them out of their beds in order to run to the safe room. One daughter had been sleeping totally naked. So she grabbed her and ran off to the safe room as is, without even taking the time to get dressed.

All the families on the block were in quite a shock that a rocket landed in their neighborhood. They all understand the miracle that they experienced. A house was destroyed with a direct hit, yet nobody was injured.

No More Miracles

The people of Israel don’t want any more miracles. We want our government to do everything in its power to end this evil terror from Gaza for good!!!

There is no reason a sovereign country should allow terrorists to shoot rockets at its civilians. There is no reason why a sovereign country should allow terrorists to destroy the border fence, infiltrate, place bombs and attack soldiers.

Time to Stop

Israel MUST put an end to this insanity. Any other country in the world would have flattened Gaza by now. Not only does Israel not flatten Gaza, Israel shows the world how much goods and humanitarian aid we allow to be delivered into Gaza every day.

Yes, we care about the Gazan people, but Gaza is being used as a terror launching pad against us.  Gaza terrorists use civilians as human shields. No country can allow that to continue. A government’s duty is to protect its civilians, not to protect the civilians of an enemy population.

The Gazan people are being persecuted by Hamas. The only way to help those Gazans who want to live in peace, is for Israel to do everything to destroy Hamas. And, yes, some civilians will get hurt and killed. That is the price an entity pays when they use their own civilian population as a battleground.

The Solution to the Gaza Terror is Simple

Israel must take back the Gaza Strip and resettle Jews to live there. Israelis all over Israel are safer when the IDF and Jewish civilian populations live in the area. That is the situation in Judea and Samaria.  That is what the situation must be like in Gaza as well. The IDF can only sustain a presence when there is a civilian presence. And with the IDF presence, Hamas would not be able to do the terror it does today.

No, that doesn’t solve the overall terror of Hamas. To do that, Israel must destroy Hamas. All Hamas leaders and terrorists must be either killed, jailed or expelled. Families of Hamas members must be expelled.

All those Gaza families that want to live in peace with Israel, must live peacefully with us. If anyone does not want to live with us, then they should be given financial incentive to emigrate to another country.

One day, we’ll have peace

The day we have peace, is when Israel acts as the sovereign.  It will happen when Israel ensures that only Arabs that want to live in peace with us remain.  They will enjoy the freedoms and prosperity of Israel. And then after a few years of proving that they are peaceful neighbors, then they should receive citizenship of Israel.

No other solution will end the Muslim terror against us in Gaza. This solution must also be implemented in Judea & Samaria, aka the West Bank.

May we merit to see that day come quickly.

Dr. Risch

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