Israeli doctor saves a young boy from his life-threatening allergy to light

by Leah Rosenberg

One Israeli doctor at the Hadassah Medical Center saved a young boy’s life, and he changed it forever. This story is definitely unique!

The Boy Who was Allergic to Light

Different people around the world have different allergies. Some people have no allergies, some people have light allergies, and sadly, some have quite severe allergies. If those people do not have the proper care, tragedy can hit.

A young Israeli boy, Avraham Goldstone, had a severe allergy to light. It was discovered at a young age, and he was forced to have a restrictive lifestyle because he could not really be outside. He would even break out in rashes when inside his house from indoor lighting because the allergy was so bad. From a young age, he did not have the life that so many other children had.

And then one day, his allergy got really bad, and Avraham couldn’t breathe well.

That was the beginning of his journey to a better life.

The Israeli Doctor who Saved Avraham

Hadassah Medical Center is filled with highly skilled doctors. Dr. Yuval Tal became the Goldstone’s family hero when he diagnosed Avraham with Solar Urticaria. He was able to improve Avraham’s condition, improving the young boy’s quality of life.

Israel is filled with talented doctors and people.

The more the world understands that, maybe they’ll come to praise Israel instead of criticize it.

But regardless of what the world says, Israel will continue to save and improve the lives of its own people as well as people all over the world.

Dr. Risch

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