What you didn’t know about the first Israeli spacecraft going to the moon

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish state is sending an Israeli spacecraft to the moon. Just 70 years after the creation of the State of Israel, they are already headed to space!

Israeli Spacecraft and NASA

NASA and the Israeli Space Agency have a lunar cooperation agreement for Israel’s planned upcoming mission to the moon. A partnership with NASA! Can you believe that just 70 years after the beginning of Israel’s existence that they are already accomplishing something so great?


SpaceIL is the non-governmental organization that’s sending the Israeli spacecraft to the moon – the first non-governmental organization ever! Add that to the list of Israel’s accomplishments! Israel is always making the impossible, possible.

Other Israeli Accomplishments

Israel has achieved so many other things besides the plans to go to the moon. The world refers to Israel as the Startup Nation. Israel is advanced in so many areas of life.

The fact that the Jewish people recreated a state after thousands of years of exile and yearning to return home is mind-boggling on its own.

But then, for the Jewish people to continue to cultivate their country and have the world benefit from all their achievements is something unbelievable and miraculous. From medical breakthroughs to fruits and vegetables, Israel has developed things you never thought were possible.

You are benefitting from something Israel developed, and sometimes, you might not even realize it.

But do your research, and you’ll see that much of what you feel is a necessity in your life, Israel had something to do with it.

Thank you, Israel!

Dr. Risch

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