Jews banned and almost burned at Labour event in London

by Leah Rosenberg

Why were these people banned from the Labour event?  Because of their last names.

Jewish names was sufficient to be kicked out of this event.  Labour events in London are now off-limits to Jewish people.  The Labour party is now the new home of anti-Semites in the Western World.

London is falling

It is hard to believe that such strong institutionalized anti-Semitism could become mainstream in London.  These are not no-go zones.  These are no-Jewish-go zones.  It is high time for the Jewish people to fight back – but not in England.  There is a place where the Jewish people belong and that is the State of Israel.  If England is a home for no-Jewish-go zones, and serious candidates for Prime Minister don’t even hide their anti-Jewish ideas, it is time to think about making a change.

England vs. Other European Countries

Most of Europe has a rich history of anti-semitism over the centuries.  But some countries have a worse record than others.  France was horrible in the middle ages.  Now, it has become a hotbed of Muslim anti-Jewish and anti-Israel activity.   Germany, of course, has the worst record of any country due to the horrible sustained atrocities of the systematic murder in the Holocaust.  However, England has not had a recent record of institutionalized anti-Jewish sentiment.  Even those who criticize the British leadership during World War II, must admit that England did more to help the Jewish people than nearly any other country in Europe.

That is why it is all that shocking to see England descend into a level of such anti-Jewish leadership at the highest levels.  Even if Jeremy Corbyn does not take over on Downing St., the message is clear.  It is time to think about vacating the premises before the premises vacate you.




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