The fruits and vegetables you never knew were developed in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has developed life-saving inventions. But aside from that, Israel also gives the world a taste of something else: Israeli produce!

Israeli Produce

Israel is constantly surprising the world with its new inventions and its innovative society. Whether it be medical advances or groundbreaking research, you can’t deny Israel’s accomplishments.

Israeli farmers have even developed what is possibly the world’s tiniest tomato! Israel always has something to share to improve the world.

So it’s not surprising when Israel also develops fruits and vegetables to make the world more delicious.

These fruits and vegetables include:

(1) The galia melon
(2) Orangetti spaghetti squash
(3) Black galaxy tomato
(4) Seedless bell pepper
(5) Nectarine-mango
(6) Pomelit (pomelo-grapefruit hybrid)
(7) Goldy zucchini squash

Next time you see one of these mouthwatering Israeli produce in your supermarket, give it a try, and thank Israel for your nutritious snack!

Exporting Produce

Not only does Israel develop these fruits and vegetables, but they also share the taste with the world. Over $2 billion worth of produce is exported each year. That is a LOT of fruits and vegetables! Israel is making the world a healthier place to live in.

Because Israel is such a young country, it’s amazing what they have accomplished in just 70 years. As a result of their determination, they have succeeded. All they have developed, invented, produced, and improved will just blow your mind. And they just continue to do more and more good for the world. When Israel achieves a goal, rather than stop there, they set new goals and continue to build and create.

Maybe we all owe Israel a little thank you for bettering our world. One fruit at a time.

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