Israeli farmers develop what may be the World’s tiniest tomato

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli farmers are not like the rest of farmers throughout the world. Due to Israel’s unique climate and rain conditions, farmers have to constantly be innovative and creative to keep Israel growing – literally.

Israeli Farming

From drip irrigation to a host of other farming technologies, Israel is using its resources wisely. Aside from technology, Israel produces the best fruits and vegetables. Some produce might just be something you have never seen before…

Tasty, Tiny Tomatoes

The discussion that often circulates when bringing up tomatoes is: Are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable?

But in Israel, there is something going on that is definitely more interesting. If you like tomatoes, then you will love this. And if you don’t like tomatoes, you will still find this fascinating.

In southern Israel, weather conditions are quite dry. Taking this into account, Israel planted these tomato seeds from a seed company in Holland and modified them to be able to grow in Israel’s southern climate. These unique tomatoes are the size of a blueberry! Smaller than Israel’s 1 shekel coin, the tiny tomato comes in red and yellow and is roughly 30% sweet than other tomatoes.

Southern Israel

Sometimes we hear about southern Israel as being the place that is constantly under the attack of rocket fire. But there is so much more to southern Israel. Southern Israel is filled with positive places, people, experiences, and more.

Check out what else goes on in Southern Israel!

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