Muslims are now faking anti-Muslim hate crimes

by Avi Abelow

An 11 year old Toronto girl recently told her family, her school and the police that a stranger had followed her and attacked her with scissors, slashing her hijab. Twice. This is another case of Muslims reporting hoax attacks to garner sympathy and push for laws against Islamophobia.

The Reactions

After the incident, police investigated and found that it was a fake Islamophobic hate crime as reported here.

However, before the investigation, Canadian officials jumped in with statements of sympathy.

The Toronto district board representative said that “this is shocking to learn of this assault. We will be working closely with police to offer any assistance that we can. In the meantime, we are offering support to the impacted student and her family.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chimed in saying, “My heart goes out to the young girl who was attacked seemingly for her religion. I can’t imagine how afraid she must have been. I want her, her family, her friends, and community to know that this is not what Canada is.”

Toronto Mayor John Tory also joined in saying, “No child should ever be afraid walking to school in Toronto because of what they are wearing or for any other reason. I want to assure the family that Toronto police are investigating.”

However, once the police investigated and found out that the whole incident was a hoax, these officials did not make any follow up statements.

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes?

We see a modus operandi that happens over and over again with regards to anti-Muslim hate crimes. First there are false charge that make international headlines. Then the news reporting that it was a hoax gets little coverage.

In this video, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch states that genuinely anti-Muslim hate-crimes are few. Spencer says that this is contrary to the propaganda about Muslims in the West. They face widespread persecution, discrimination and harassment.

Spencer posits that Muslim groups are using these hate crimes to enforce criminal penalties on people for criticizing Islam. Canada is doing that now with Motion M-103. So, if anti-Muslim hate crimes don’t exist, they simply are invented. There are so many anti-Muslim hate-crimes that have turned out to be faked by Muslims themselves, that it calls into question whether any of these incidents happened at all. It is peculiar that in our day and age, victim-hood is a prized and coveted status. This is the crazy world that we live in.

On the other hand, how often are anti-semitic attacks against Jews reported with reactions from Prime Ministers and Mayors? Anti-semitic attacks are on the rise everywhere, especially by Muslims across the West, yet the media and the policitians are silent.

So why the double standard?

Why the Pattern of Hoaxes?

Returning to this hoax in Toronto, this girl is only 11 years old, so the question arises: Did she fake this incident in order to get out of a dangerous situation with her parents? Yasmin Sawaed did that. Sawaed is a New York City College student who fabricated an incident of Trump supporters pulling off her hijab in the subway last December. She did this in order to conceal from her strict Muslim father that she had been out with her non-Muslim boyfriend. Perhaps someone in the Muslim establishment in Canada put this Canadian girl up to this entire story.


Based on the history of anti-Muslim hate crime hoaxes, there definitely should be an investigation. Faking anti-Muslim hate crimes is a big business designed to manipulate public opinion and public policy.

When these hoaxes are exposed there needs to be consequences!

There must be an investigation especially now as Canada is clamping down on criticism of Islam in line with the anti-Islamophobia motion M-103.

No Investigation with Trudeau in Power

Unfortunately, one thing is certain. There will be no investigation, not as long as Trudeau remains Prime Minister. PM Trudeau was quick to sympathize with the girl upon the fake news. However, he has yet to utter a word of clarification or regret ever since it was exposed as a hoax.

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