Iran claims Israel is controlling clouds and stealing the rain

by Leah Rosenberg

An Iranian general claimed Israel is stealing rain clouds from Iran to lengthen Iran’s drought. That sounds humorous, but he actually said that!

Iran’s Hatred for Israel

Iran hates Israel. They are not quiet about it, and the entire world is well aware. They threaten the Jewish state constantly, and they fund other terrorist regimes who target Israel as well. Iran wants to obliterate the tiny country.

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has blamed the West for Iran’s deteriorating economy. It is absurd that they cannot take responsibility for their own actions. Iran seems to always blame other countries for their own problems.

Even when it comes to lack of rain.

An Iranian general said something more absurd than anything that has been said before. He said, “Israel is stealing our clouds.”

That seems blasphemous in a Muslim country. Doesn’t God control the rain clouds?

Iranian General and the Rain Clouds

Yes, an Iranian general actually claimed Israel is stealing Iran’s rain clouds so that Iran’s drought will continue. It is amusing that he made such a claim. It seems too absurd to be true. But it is. And he even said he has proof. The general said that Israel has a specific group of people who ensure that Iran’s clouds can’t give rain.

Iran’s national meteorological service said that the Iranian general’s claim is not supported by science. Aside from that, would Israel REALLY have the time to have a team of people stealing Iran’s clouds? They have better things to do. Apparently though, Iran does not. A high ranking and decorated general has the time to make such ridiculous claims.

Maybe one day Iran’s leaders will actually take responsibility and create a better country for their people.

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