238 Christians Massacred Last Week by Fulani Muslims in Nigeria

by Avi Abelow

Fulani Muslims killed 238 Christians last week in Nigeria.  Fulani Muslims have slaughtered over 6,000 Nigerian Christians the since the start of 2018. Where is the world outrage?

What is Going On?

International media sources report the killings of Christians in Nigeria as a land conflict between community groups. Most of the victims have been Christians, while some have not been Christian. The perpetrators are the Fulani Muslim people. However, from the long list of massacres that have taken place over the years, it seems clear that this is a religious based conflict.

Church leaders, along with major persecution watchdog groups think otherwise.  Open Doors USA and International Christian Concern both claimed that Fulani Muslims deliberately target Christians.

Some call it genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Christian population by the Muslims.

Similar to Israel

This is a similar situation to how the international media is wrong about how it reports the Israel/Arab conflict as well. They continuously report it as a land conflict, while it is really a religious conflict.

This constant misreporting of killings and massacres at the hands of Muslims is not new.  It stems from a flawed misunderstanding of Islam. Western intellectuals fail to understand that hundreds of millions of Muslims believe that all non-Muslims must convert to Islam, live under Islamic rule, or die.

So long as Western thought leaders continue to ignore that basic belief of many Muslims, they will continue to misdiagnose and misreport the growing amount of atrocities by Muslims around the world.


Christian leaders in Nigeria have said that as many as 6,000 people have been killed since the start of the year.  The Muslim Fulani mainly kill women and children.

The Christian Association of Nigeria is calling this a “pure genocide”, bringing the death toll of Christians to more than 6,000 since the start of 2018.

The Fulani people are traditionally believed to have roots stemming from North Africa and the Middle East. The Fula language binds them together.  Additionally, they also affiliate with Islam.

Islamists of Nigeria

“The Islamists of northern Nigeria seem determined to turn Nigeria into an Islamic Sultanate and replace Liberal Democracy with Sharia as the National Ideology. The object, of course, is to supplant the Constitution with Sharia as the source of legislation.” — National Christian Elders Forum, a wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

In a press release last week, the Christian Association of Nigeria and church denominational heads in Plateau State made a drastic statement.  “What is happening in Plateau state and other select states in Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately.”

The church leaders said that “armed Fulani herdsmen maimed or killed over 6,000 persons – children, women and the aged in night raids.”  They call upon the Nigerian government “to stop this senseless bloodshed in the land.”  Furthermore, they call to “avoid a state of complete anarchy where the people have to defend themselves.”

The press release pleads with the international community, as well as the United Nations, to intervene in the Fulani attacks.  The fear is that the violence may spread to other countries as well.

“We are particularly worried at the widespread insecurity in the country.  Wanton attacks and killings by armed Fulani herdsmen, bandits and terrorists have been taking place on a daily basis in our communities.  (They go) unchallenged despite huge investments in the security agencies,” they added.  They also claim that President Muhammadu Buhari has not brought attackers to justice.

Roe vs. Wade

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