UN gives incentive for “Palestinian” Arabs to NOT want peace

by Avi Abelow

This situation is insane. While the United Nations professes to care about the “Palestinian” Arabs, in truth, they are inflaming the conflict.

Seeing with His Own Eyes

Tanveer Ahmed of the Rebel Media came to Israel and saw the refugee camps for “palestinian” Arabs with his own eyes. He deals with one simple question, why do we still call them refugees after decades? The United Nations resettles all other refugee populations within a few years.   Then they are simply no longer refugees. Not so with the Arab refugees from the Arab/Israel conflict of 1948. 70 years later and they are still called refugees by the United Nations!

Not only that, but they are the only refugee population that hands down the refugee status from generation to generation. While only around 20,000 actual refugees are still alive from 1948, the international community considers there to be around 5-7 million Arab refugees. That is because it counts all the descendants of the refugees from 1948. Again, this is the only refugee population that the UN does this for.


Another point to consider. These “refugees” have been living under the Palestinian Authority for 25 years! Why do we still call them refugees? They are living under their own self-government? An even more biting question is why are they still living in refugee camps? The international community has given tens of billions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority.  Yet in 25 years it still has not torn down the refugee camps and built proper housing for all those people?

As Tanveer eludes to in the video, the United Nations throws money at these “refugees” to inflame the conflict, not end it. They are pawns in a battle that has nothing to do with helping refugees. The battle is about destroying Israel and using these “refugees” as human pawns to accomplish that goal.

Israel Actually Does Care

While the international community pretends to care about the Arab “refugees” from 1948, yet only throws aid money to inflame the conflict, Israel actually acts to help these people. Israel is constantly developing economic solutions to help develop an economic peace so we can live together in as peaceful way as possible.

TH UN and the international community keep these Arab “refugees” on refugee welfare, with no ability to develop economic independence and stability. Israel on the other hand actually cares and develops economic solutions.

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