The world needs to know about the REAL occupation of Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

You’ll hear about occupation in the media, but it will be completely misleading. Of course, it will be about blaming Israel. But here is the truth.

Jordanian Occupation of Jerusalem

From 1949-1967, Jordanians controlled what is known as the “West Bank” as well as the Old City of Jerusalem. They occupied it illegally. The media doesn’t care about facts and history, so they won’t tell you what life was like. But Christians and Jews during that time can tell you. The living conditions for the Jewish people were terrible, to say the least. If the Jordanians gave any religious freedom to Jews and Christians, it was very little. Jews weren’t even allowed to visit their holy sites, such as the Western Wall, the Temple mount, and the Cave of the Patriarchs. If that isn’t occupation, then what is?

Jordanians destroyed Jewish synagogues and demolished the Torah scrolls that these synagogues held.

Christians were also subjected to Jordanian occupation. Churches were forbidden from buying property in Jerusalem.

Desecrating the Mount of Olives

The Mount of Olives is one of the most famous Jewish burial places in Israel. When Jerusalem was under Jordanian control, they desecrated and ruined 38,000 Jewish tombs. Even more so, the Jordanians forbid Jewish people from burying their deceased on the Mount of Olives.

Why doesn’t the world tell you about this when they speak about oppressing people and the occupation?

Life Under Israeli Control of Jerusalem

When Israel regained control over their holy city, everything changed. People of all faiths were once again able to worship. There was no more desecration and oppression. The “occupation” was over. Yet the world seems to ignore the facts and the truth. There is a stark contrast between Jordanian control over Jerusalem and Israeli control. The oppressive occupation is over – thanks to Israel.

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