Polish MP said something that TOTALLY shocked British media!

by Leah Rosenberg

A Polish MP stunned British media when he said that no Muslim refugees have been welcomed into Poland. But you really can’t deny the truth of his argument.

Muslim Refugees

The talk about Muslim refugees fills news headlines. Some countries accept them, some don’t. Some have strict laws, and some don’t. The problem is that many countries who have completely accepted refugees without any concern have been subjected to terrorist attacks. Those are just the facts.

Aside from the attacks, Muslim refugee rape gangs have plagued various countries.

That’s the scary truth. And that’s the sad truth.

So, for leaders to fully allow illegal Muslim refugees into their countries, they are putting their citizens at risk. Some refugees really need to escape their previous homes, but some are just flooding the West in order to impose Sharia Law upon those who don’t believe in it. And every country must understand the latter.

Poland’s Decision

Poland has allowed a shocking number of Muslim refugees into their country: ZERO! As Polish MP Dominik Tarczyński said, “If you are asking me about Muslim illegal immigration, none, not even one, will come to Poland – not even one – if it’s illegal.”

It’s not that Poland doesn’t accept immigrants. As Tarczyński mentioned, Poland has accepted over 2,000,000 Ukrainians who are working and who are peaceful. But Poland refuses to accept illegal Muslims into their country.

But when it comes to Muslim refugees, the Polish MP stood strong and said, “This is why Poland is so safe. This is the reason why we have not had even one terrorist attack…and we can be called Populists, Nationalists, Racists, I don’t care. I care about my family and about my country!”

Something important to think about.

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