Arabs Throw Firebombs and Rocks at IDF in Hebron in Weekend of Violence Ignored by Media

by Avi Abelow

Dozens of Arabs threw firebombs and rocks at IDF forces in Hebron on Friday. The IDF stopped the violent riots by arresting the ringleader in an IDF ambush.

Throwing Firebombs

The IDF Ambush

On Friday afternoon, terrorists threw a number of Molotov cocktails at IDF forces stationed in Hebron.

There were no casualties and no damage was done. Arab sources reported that the IDF arrested two terrorists. The IDF ambush and arrest of the ringleader brought about the immediate cessation of the violent rioting.

More Molotov Cocktails

Arabs in the Shuafat area, north of Jerusalem, also threw Molotov cocktails at an IDF post. The IDF used riot control measures to stop the violence. There were no casualties.

A weekend of Arab Violence

Gazans continued their firebomb-by-kite terrorism severely damaging Israeli fields and nature areas near Gaza. The firebomb kites ignited 41 fires in the agricultural and nature reserves of Israel.

Firefighters, rescue teams, the Jewish National Fund and the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority, were all active in putting out the fires.

So far, Gazan firebomb by kite terrorism has destroyed over 30,000 dunams of Israeli lands, destroying crops, nature parks and killing numerous amount of wildlife.

More Gaza Violence

A number of Hamas terrorists in Gaza threw a large explosive device into Israel from the Northern Gaza strip. Thankfully, the explosive device exploded on the Gaza Strip side of the fence and no IDF soldiers or Israelis were injured.

According to the Arabs, one terrorist was killed during Friday’s rioting along the border fence in the Gaza Strip, another 396 were injured.

Media Reporting

Have you seen any of this reported in mainstream media?

Thankfully we have a strong and capable IDF. For Israelis around the country, it was a quiet and enjoyable Shabbat weekend.

Our enemies use terror to try to mess up our lives, but we go on enjoying life. Our IDF makes sure that they are the ones who pay a price for using terror and violence against us.

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