Female Journalists Beaten by Palestinian Authority Forces. World is Silent

by Avi Abelow

Last week two female journalists were beaten by Palestinian Authority forces in two separate incidents. Western Media and journalist organizations have been silent.

What Happened?

One beating took place in the Samaria (aka West Bank) city of Nablus and the other one in the Samaria city of Tulkarem. They are part of the Palestinian Authority’s crackdown on public protests against the Palestinian Authority’s economic sanctions on Gaza.

One incident involved Arab freelance journalist Lara Kanaan. Kanaan reported to The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) the following: “on Saturday 30/06/2018 around 18:00 I headed to Martyrs Square in the center of Nablus, with my colleague in” Ultra Palestine “to cover a demonstration demanded to lift the (Palestinian Authority) sanctions on Gaza. I was wearing the press vest that has the journalists syndicate logo that I am a member in. After an hour the demonstrators were divided into two groups. I continued covering the demonstration while my colleague stayed at the square, as there were other journalists in the location. While I was covering, one of the security service elements (who I know personally) headed towards me and attacked me trying to forcibly confiscate my cellphone and tried to take my phone forcibly after yelling at me to stop covering. I refused to hand over the phone and tried to resist it. I was surprised when another person who I do not know started to hit me with his elbow on my left arm, as a result he managed to pull my phone out, while at least two other people (all of them in civilian clothes) were pulling my hair back that hurt my neck, At the same time others hit me on my left shoulder and then left. Although Palestinian Authority police were present they did not intervene. After around two hours, they officials returned my cell phone to me after erasing all the data on the device and the memory card. I then headed to Rafidia Hospital and had some x-rays for my neck and shoulders where I had various bruises”.

The second incident involved Arab journalist Majdoleen Hassona. Hassona was also physically assaulted by Palestinian Authority security officers in civilian clothes attempting to stop her from recording or filming an anti-Abbas protest in Tulkarem.


The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns the assault of freelance journalist, and the field researcher at MADA Center, Lara Samir Kanaan by members of the Palestinian Authority forces. It seems that she was assualted by preventive security forces, disguised in civilian clothes, who confiscated her mobile phone and deleted all her materials. This occurred during her coverage of a demonstration organized in Nablus on Saturday protesting the econominc sanctions that Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have imposed on Gaza.

Western Media Condemnation?

The Western media have been silent about these assaults on these Arab female journalists. In addition, there has been no condemnations at all of the Palestinian Authority for there abusive behavior against these female journalists reporting the protests against Abbas & the Palestinian Authority.

Just imagine the global outcry in the press had an Israeli soldier merely pushed female journalists at a protest in Israel.

This is another example of how the Western media ignore and excuse the infractions of the Palestinian Authority that go against Western values, and even basic values. When the Western media is fed lies or half-truths to blame the Jews they do. However, when they must blame the Arabs for brutal behavior and mistreatment of women, they are uncomfortably silent.

The Western media consistently ignore the brutality and oppression of the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas, against their own people. Instead they prefer to focus on warped issues trumpeted to make Israel look like the world’s bad guy.

If only the West and Western media were sincerely interested in the truth. The world would be a much better and safer place to be,

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