Israel is on its way to the moon!

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel plans to join only 4 other countries and send a spaceship to the moon next year. For a country that is only 70 years old, how amazing is that?

Going to the Moon

Not many countries have taken on the daring task of reaching the moon. The United States, the Soviet Union, and China have all soft landed on the moon. But they are the only countries to do so. It is something spectacular and clearly, not common.  And Israel is willing to embark on this journey.

Israeli Spaceship to the Moon

Israel is working towards joining the ranks of those 3 countries and intends to go to the moon. They plan to send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon in February 2019. A nation just 70 years old plans to be only the 4th country in HISTORY to accomplish such a task! Israel continues to amaze the world. You can’t ignore how capable this young and small country is!


SpaceIL is the Israeli nonprofit that is trying to achieve such an awesome endeavor. They would be the first privately-funded organization to do this. It is so cool that it is almost hard to believe!

Other Space-Related Projects

Aside from sending a spaceship to the moon, Israel has accomplished other space-related projects. In the Ramon Crater in Israel’s Negev Desert, they have simulated Mars, exploring what life would be like on the planet. Israel is making many advances in space activities.

We are witnessing Israel making history. Israel’s achievements are out of this world!

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