United Nations’ Agency textbooks for “Palestinian” children praise terrorism

by Phil Schneider

It is a good thing that the UN funds textbooks for poor children.  Education is a good thing.  Or at least it ought to be.  But the textbooks are not harmless.  Actually, they perpetuate the problems more than they solve them.

Educating Future Terrorists

UN-funded textbooks praise terrorists.  This is not a secret, but a clear policy. This is how the spokesman from UNRWA put it. “UNRWA teaches in accordance with UN values and principles.  By convention, we teach the curriculum of host countries.  i.e.  The PA curriculum in the occupied territory.  We review every book we use.  We check for gender bias, age appropriateness and political neutrality.  On average, we have found less than 3 percent of the pages we have reviewed to be problematic.”

That means that if a textbook only has 2% calls for terrorism, then it is OK and acceptable.

Enough is Enough

It is this kind of garbage attitudes that led President Trump to make a decision to ditch funding to UNRWA.  More than half a million Arab children in the State of Israel have these books in their hands when they go off to school each day.

Perhaps it is not politically correct to cut funding to “poor refugees.”  But, it is exactly what needs to be done now.  The entire system needs to be reformed.  Either the refugee’s education is free from calls for terror or it is better that it gets a complete do-over.

There is hope for peace in the Middle East – but not in this generation.  Only when there is a generation that is raised without the dream of kicking all the Jews into the sea will a peaceful settlement become possible.

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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