An Israeli startup just re-invented the wheelchair wheel

by Phil Schneider

An Israeli startup has just created something so simple, yet revolutionary.  The softwheel technology will now allow wheelchair bound people to go anywhere.  No longer will they need to only use ramps.  From hereon in, they will be able to go anywhere.

Turning a Major Problem into a Minor Annoyance

The softwheel innovation is not only for wheelchairs.  It is also for bicycles.  However, the people who stand to benefit the most from it are the wheelchair bound people.

It is so typical of Israel that this kind of an innovation would originate in Israel.  For 7 decades, Israel has endured wars and terrorist attacks.  In nearly every instance, more people are wounded than killed.  So, in a country with tens of thousands of wounded veterans, a state-of-the-art wheelchair is a high priority.

Spine and Back

The main feature of the SoftWheel is the impact reduction on the spine and back.  Most people in wheelchairs who go down steps with them have major discomfort issues.  This turns it into a minor annoyance.

The cushioning that the system provides allows the rider to get around like just about any other person.  Back-pain and neck pain for disabled people is a major priority that is handled smoothly with this system.

This is one of many bio-tech innovations that have their origin in the State of Israel.  The Re-Walk invention is yet another.  Thousands of disabled people are now able to walk thanks to the Re-Walk device.

Get used to this kind of news.  Israel will continue to be at the forefront of these kinds of inventions.

Col. Kemp

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