Anti-Israel organization brainwashes tourists and spreads COMPLETE lies!

by Leah Rosenberg

The way this anti-Israel organization spreads lies about Israel is absurd. These innocent tourists are being brainwashed to turn against Israel.

The Anti-Israel Organization

Machsom Watch is an anti-Israel NGO (non-governmental organization). A “guide” took naive tourists around the West Bank and propagated lies against the Jewish state. What he said was completely false. But these tourists don’t know any better, so they simply believe him. This is just one anti-Israel organization. There are so many, and they all have the goal of turning the world against Israel.

The Lies

The Machson guide said many lies. He doesn’t even care to try to mix the lies with the truth. He just propagates such clear lies, and it would be so easy to get the facts and fight him with the truth. But these tourists are uneducated. Here are just a few of the lies.

Lie #1

He said that Israeli soldiers sometimes “shoot without thinking.” That could not be farther from the truth. Israeli soldiers do their best, and even have specific rules, to not kill. They hesitate often, thinking, thinking, and sometimes overthinking – especially when civilians are involved. They shoot only when they have to in order to protect themselves and their people. And they don’t even always shoot to kill if they can avoid it.

Lie #2

The guide said that the Israeli government “profits from the conflict.”  The Israeli government and the people of Israel just want peace. They don’t instigate conflict. They just defend. Israel has been Jewish for thousands of years, but Israel still allows other religions to live in peace in their land. The “Palestinian” government continues the conflict, not the Israeli government. They incite violence and pay terrorists who murder Israelis. They teach their children to hate, not allowing the next generation to seek peace.

Lie #3

He spoke about how Israelis steal the land of the “Palestinians” and kill them. The land has belonged to the Jews for thousands of years longer than “Palestinians” ever existed. Biblically AND historically the land belongs to the Jewish people. God gave the land to the Jews, and they have held on to it. The “Palestinian” people have only existed for a few decades and want to claim that Israel belongs to them. Factually, it just doesn’t make sense.

Lie #4

The Machsom guide acts as if “Palestinians” do not carry out acts of terrorism and promote violence and hate. There are just too many examples that completely negate that lie. Attack after attack, and the lies about the “Palestinians” not being terrorists continue. And that’s aside from Hamas sending rockets over to kill Israelis. The “Palestinian” Authority and Hamas have a coalition. That doesn’t seem so peaceful…

It is upsetting that people don’t search for the truth and look for the answers. Because it is so easy to find the facts, and the world is too brainwashed and anti-Israel to care.

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