Muslim Terror Strikes Again in Old City of Jerusalem

by Avi Abelow

Stabbing Attack

A Muslim terrorist pulled out a knife and stabbed a Jewish security guard in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem this afternoon. This Muslim terror follows the ramming terror attack on Friday where two Israeli IDF soldiers were murdered. All of Israel is now praying for the Jewish security guard as he fights for his life.


Some are reporting that the terrorist is a resident of Judea and Samaria, while Israeli Channel 10 news reported that identity papers from Turkey were found on the terrorist’s body.

The Muslim Quarter of the Old City

The Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem is misnamed. Jews used to live there in addition to Muslims, and little by little Jews are returning to live there today.

Jordan illegally occupied the Old City of Jerusalem in 1948. They then expelled all the Jews from all areas of the Old City, including from the Jewish and Muslim Quarters. Between 1948-1967 no Jews were allowed to live or visit any areas of the Old City.

Today the Jews have returned to live in the Jewish Quarter. Little by little they are returning to Jewish properties in the Muslim Quarter as well.

While a majority of Muslims live in the Muslim Quarter, Jews live there and walk through it every day. Just a few days ago this author enjoyed a beautiful evening with his wife enjoying a music festival that took place in the Muslim Quarter as well as the other quarters of the Old City. In addition to walking through the Arab Shuk in the Muslim Quarter, almost everyday last week.


Just last week it was reported that the Palestinian Authority raised the pay-to-slay budget to over $400 million. Considering the Palestinian Authority is deep in debt and begging the world for more money, this is quite surprising.

Just a few days ago it was also reported that a Palestinian Authority delegation spent $14,250.20 on an overnight stay in a luxury hotel in Baltimore. The PA also recently purchased a $500 million plane for Mahmoud Abbas. All this in addition to paying terrorists in jail as a reward for murdering Israelis and Jews. PA teelvision incites them on television and then rewards them for committing terror attacks.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said following today’s attack, “I praise the police officer who quickly responded, killed the attacker and prevented more injuries. The Israel Police will keep acting against the bloody terrorists, who are incited by the Palestinian Authority – in Israel, and throughout the country,” he said.

Quick Response by the Police

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat also praised the police’s quick response, and said: “The enemies of Israel are constantly trying to harm soldiers, policemen, security guards and citizens, and that is because of the severe incitement that they are subjected to by the Palestinian Authority.”

“The only answer to it is an uncompromising struggle against terrorism, and at the same time, to develop and build a united Jerusalem,” he said. “I am asking from all the citizens to keep maintain their daily routines, be aware of their surroundings and be in touch with security forces if needed, in order to prevent more terrorists’ activities,” he continued.

The evacuation of the wounded security guard:

Police report:

Arab Incitement
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