Bibi Netanyahu’s Message to Muslims the Media will never show you

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu gave Muslims everywhere a special greeting for Ramadan. When is the last time you heard “Palestinian” President Mahmoud Abbas wishing Israel a greeting on a holiday?

Netanyahu’s Message to Muslims

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu starts off his message with “Ramadan Kareem,” which is a classic Muslim greeting on Ramadan. Have you ever heard “Palestinian” President Mahmoud Abbas wish Israel any type of greeting, whether on a holiday or not? Israel wants peace. Therefore, the Prime Minister wants to wish a “Ramadan Kareem” to any Muslim who is willing to listen.

Muslims in Israel Thrive

Muslims are thriving in Israel. They have opportunity; they have safety – both of which are lacking in other countries in the Middle East.  Medical care in Israel is by far the best in the entire Middle East. PM Netanyahu wants the world to know that. He wants everyone to know what it is actually like for Muslims living in Israel. The world is too busy constantly condemning Israel that they fail to see how Muslims have more privileges in Israel than anywhere else in the Middle East. You won’t hear it on the news. You won’t see it in the newspaper. But you’ll see it if you come to Israel.

Israel Wants Peace

Despite what you read and see on the news, Israel wants peace. They do everything in their power to avoid war, but at a certain point, they must protect their citizens. Having said that, Israel will STILL wish Muslims everywhere a happy Ramadan. Why? Because Israel is a peaceful nation. PM Netanyahu does not hate Muslims nor does he want them dead the way that President Abbas calls for Jewish blood to be spilled.

Netanyahu is wishing peace this Ramadan. Do you hear the “Palestinian” president speak of peace? Abbas, we are still waiting…

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